Jun 20, 2020

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Tips to prevent corns on hands doing sport

Tips to prevent corns on hands doing sport

For athletes, calluses are part of life. In fact, you’re probably not doing your sport hard enough if you don’t have calluses on your hands and feet.

While calluses are mostly ineffective, they can often become painful and troublesome. Read on to keep this from occurring. You will understand what a callus is and tips to prevent corns on hands doing sport.

What is Callus?

A callus is an accumulation of hardened and thick peel in rubbing and pinching regions. They are the natural way for the skin to defend itself against more harm by improving often used and abused areas.

hardened skin

The point of getting rid of hand corns depends on your job. If you run with bad shoes, you might get a callus outside your big toe. If you play tennis, you’re probably squeezing your racquet on the inside of your thumb. If you lift weights especially if you die you can grow calluses just below your fingers on your hands.

Calluses only form when the friction and pinching is frequent. If the friction or pinching is too strong, instead, a blister forms. A callus that grows gradually helps to stop a blister.

These hardened skin areas are not typically troublesome. They provide much needed durability to allow your skin to cope with high-friction sports. But calluses can become a concern if they grow big or if you’re not properly handling them.

How to take care of calluses

A broad callus is more prone to pain and pinching. Finally, it can get really painful or even break off, and you can get a bloody wound. This doesn’t make you a badass, unlike common belief. It’s an indication that you did too much and maybe you can’t raise your sport or play it without discomfort.

The way to prevent problem calluses is to properly heal them by rubbing them daily. But let’s talk to the elephant in the room first.

If you have ever picked or bitten off a callus, hold up your palm. It may trigger problems, however rewarding it may be. If you pick or bite a callus, you have a fair chance of taking some fresh skin. This causes a sore wound that can hinder you from doing your job. The same is true when you trim your calluses with a nail clipper.