Sep 16, 2020

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Is it bad to swim in chlorine everyday?

Is it bad to swim in chlorine everyday?

If you are a frequent swimmer or you like to visit sea to conquer heat, this article is certainly for you.

Yeah, we all know that water clean chlorine is mixed to keep water parks and pools. It kills the dangerous bacteria and germs that can cause you to get sick, but here’s just one thing more you ought to know, Chlorine may be good for anything, but not for your hair.

Side effects of swimming in chlorine everyday

  • Extract and dehydrate all natural oil and protective scalp ingredients
  • Can even decolorate the hair and fall off.

How to protect your hair from chlorine water

Condition your hair:

Until entering the sea, add coconut oil or a very good conditioner to give your hair a protective layer that decreases the amount of chlorine absorption.

head cap

Take a dip

Take a good shower before you reach the sea and get your hair damp as you can, because dry hair behaving like a sponge absorbs a large amount of chlorine that hurts your skin.

Wear a head cap

Swimming caps consist of rubber, latex or lycra, the best safe head gears for swimming, since they minimize the quantity of water and chlorine the hair absorbs.

How to minimize chlorine hair damage after swimming in sea

While the above tips mitigate chlorine hair damage before you reach the pool, you can go one step further with the aftercare tips for protecting skin from chlorine further.

  • Thoroughly but carefully clean your hair with water, use a gentle shampoo to aid you in washing the harmful chlorine material from your hair.
  • Use a good furry towel and wrap it around your hair, so the extra water is soaked until it is conditioned.
  • Let the hair dry and then use a good conditioner to straighten the hair, which eliminates hair loss and hair breakage
  • Don’t leave the conditioner until your hair is conditioned because it can make your hair look greasier, just use a thin cotton towel to remove the conditioner from your hair.
  • Check your scalp; use mild oil if you feel like your scalp is too dry and give your scalp a gentle massage to help restore your normal scalp health.
  • If you feel like your hair is being harmed the best way to check with your hair stylist, they will have access to your hair and handle you professionally to help mitigate the damage. If the amount of hair falls, you can consult your local hair transplant clinic immediately.

If you follow the above tips, there is nothing that concerns you but if you feel that chlorine has greatly affected your hair, you are advised to visit your nearest hair loss therapist.