Jan 10, 2021

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How long does the cornrow bridge last?

How long does the cornrow bridge last?

Before you choose a bridge hairstyle for you, you need to know about the hairstyle that you are going to make. The Cornrow is otherwise said to be as cornrows is a trendy type of hairstyle which you can make this hairstyle with or without extension.

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How long do they last?

Depending on your maintenance, this hairstyle will last till then. Most probably, it will reach two to six weeks that may even depend on your type of hair and the quality of the extension that you have made use of. Always the lengthy extension will help you to hold your hair for a long time without causing you disturbances.

cornrow bridge

At some point in time when you make use of the local product manufactured extension that may cause you some itching and make your scale to get completely dry where you will never feel your head.

When you have successfully installed this kind of braid extension where cornrows with a long hair can be available in many places. It is your responsibility to search for the best product in the market so that it will hold in your hair for a long time and give you a good look.

cornrow bridge
When you add this extension to your hair and make this braid, nobody will be able to find that you have attached an extension along with your natural hair. Even if the extension looks different from your natural hair and when you make this.

Braid in your head completely you will never find the difference between your extension and natural hair.

Final thoughts

Modeling is not only important but maintaining them in the right way is mandatory. This is very important to take good care of your hair so that this extension will support you.