My purpose

My purpose on earth is to help all folks break free from the body image issues, fear, shame, and armor that hold them back.

People who grow up in girl-bodies are especially bombarded in our culture with messages about how we have to look and act in order to be worthy of love. Even as kids we were often praised for being small, quiet, polite, pretty, thin, and happy, and shamed for being big, loud, rowdy, ugly, needy, fat, or unhappy. Not to mention the fact that we are highly discouraged from feeling our feelings, trusting our intuition, and acting on our primal urges.

The result of all this is that far too many women (and others) become overly aware of and concerned about their external appearance, while losing touch with their internal experience and sense of self. This is a potent combination that leads to a total lack of self-trust, a lack of clarity about who you are and what you want, and an obsessively critical view of how you look. (Sound familiar?)

Body image issues aren’t just about your body. They’re the result of feeling unsafe to be you it’s a part of the armor you wear to protect yourself.

The problem with this is that constantly wearing armor is like living in a fortress: safe (sort of), but isolated and lonely. You can’t experience true intimacy, connection, trust, pleasure, or joy from a fortress. You can’t write a book, or start a company, or find your calling from a fortress. You can’t change the world from a fortress.

You deserve better.  The world deserves better. After years of living in my fortress, I learned exactly how to escape and I want to teach you.