Feb 9, 2020

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Steps to start a career in sport industry

Steps to start a career in sport industry

It is totally unstable to rely on one’s talent as a source of livelihood, particularly if one appreciates such talent only with youth and beauty. What if beauty fades and ageing starts? Certainly these talents become vulnerabilities more often when not properly used. For instance, beauty titlists are being offered jobs to promote such items, ranging from beauty care lines to car brands, not because of your brain but because of your face and name. On the other hand, occupations are related to age, beauty and skills. The younger you are, the greater the market value and more options and steps to start a career in sport industry.

Some sports fans only see no dangers associated with their chosen sports or profession because of their love for some sports. While some are well off-priced financially, some only earn training allowances which are hardly enough to cover food and training materials so that insurance coverage is not included in their priorities.

Here is a wide range of careers in sport, leisure and fitness that you may consider with any of the above-mentioned graduates (or additional backgrounds, education or basic interests):

  1. Sports agent

The first thing many people think about a career in sports is to be a sports agent. This is a very tough field, very competitive and crowded. However, if you excel in becoming a sports agent, it is very lucrative because you make up a percentage of your customers’ contracts.

  1. General Manager / Manager of Teams, Leagues and Sports companies

sports agent

A good business sense will contribute to what many people assume to be a dream career, being an executive director with a team. It can of course contribute to the management of events, stadiums, leagues, groups and departments.

  1. Team doctor, trainer or nutritionist

There are a wide variety of resources available whether you’re a doctor or have fitness background; from training individual customers to whole teams, fixing or designing and introducing suitable dietary services for injured athletes. Depending on your degree level and experience, whether a traditional physician would make you equivalent or more money.